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“The Sea Slugs is the new dawn”
– Lekan Babalola (multi Grammy award winner)

“musically it’s tremendous…not just a jam band”
– Songlines

The Sea Slugs are a fully-charged UK Afrobeat band. Tackling continued inequality in their lyrical approach, and presenting a freedom within their live performances, The Sea Slugs captivate audiences, and cultivate an engaging atmosphere. Over the past four years, they have evolved their unique take on Afrobeat into a contemporary sound that expresses its influences of Afrobeat giants Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, while exploring their roots in a Western jazz and pop musical upbringing.

The year 2017 saw The Sea Slugs undertake their first European tour, performing in five different countries across the month of September as well as releasing their third full-length album, They Found Asylum in the Sea, on 30th April. Described by Songlines magazine (Aug ’17) as a ‘delicious meeting’ of styles, this album demonstrates a marked growth and assured individuality in their sound, allowing themselves to indulge into more contemporary pop structures while staying true to their Afrobeat ethos. With a newfound strength and confidence, the vocals now are cemented in the musical foundations, parallel to the instrumental solos and lead lines upon which The Sea Slugs’ sound was built. From beginning to end, They Found Asylum in the Sea moves through international musical voyages, from North African guitar style, highlife, free jazz, experimental and Afropop.

The lyrical content of They Found Asylum in the Sea discusses issues affecting humanity as a whole, such as women’s rights, the refugee crises, cultural identity and post-colonialism, and governmental and corporate corruption. It also confronts domestic political restlessness, questioning the government on tax avoidance techniques, the injustice of benefit cuts to disabled people, as well as calling the public to mobilise and stand up against discriminatory and apathetic policies, and to demand humane and inclusive leadership from Number 10. Since their conception in 2013, The Sea Slugs have performed and worked with many Afrobeat legends and maestros, such as Dele Sosimi, Lekan Babalola, Jon Gingell (The Fontanelles) and Helen McDonald (Yaaba Funk). The Sea Slugs have performed countless gigs across the UK and Western Europe, in major cities such as London and Lyon, and at venues including Turner Sims (Southampton), The Cheese & Grain (Frome) and The Forge (London). The Sea Slugs’ festival appearances include Common People, Cheltenham Jazz Festival and Rhythmtree.


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